Tell An Aboriginal Story Activity Part 1

Students use these symbols to create their own story. You could add other Indigenous symbols/meanings to increase the variety.

Early Childhood Unit of Study by The Curriculum Corner & April Chadwick

Diversity: Differences Make us Unique

NAIDOC Week: Exploring dreamtime stores through dramatic play

_______Student________ This is a visual prompt for students to respond to the special stories, key historical concepts and skills with the immediate use of the environment around them.

8 Fun, Easy & Powerful Ways to Bring Culture and Anti-Bias Learning Activities into Your Home & Classroom!

How to Bring Culture into the Classroom and the Home: Anti-Bias Activities for Kids

Bring Culture Anti-Bias Learning into Your Home Classroom - Introduce culture to your children with these 8 learning activities for your home (or classroom)!

Learn about Diwali: reasons for the celebration + crafts

What is Diwali? The Festival of Lights

Learn about Diwali: why and how it is celebrated, common cultural elements, and see videos of the celebration. Multicultural lessons for kids.

11 Fun and easy ways for children to celebrate #Australiaday; for use with Countries and Cultures!

11 Fun Ways For Children To Commemorate Australia Day

Montessori Nature: Supporting Cultural Diversity in the Montessori Classroom.

This pin shows a wide range of how to correctly display diversity in the centre. It also produces ideas for activities to do with the children, so everyone can grasp the required knowledge and skill for demonstrating respect for diversity.

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