aboriginal art....use letters of their name in neutral colors....lesson idea

Jean Baptiste Apuatimi / Purrikuparri jilamara – Old bark design 2008 Natural ochres on linen

Naidoc Week is fast approaching and I was looking for some ways for our boys to learn about the Aboriginal people of Australia and their culture. I created these Aboriginal Symbol Stones that can be used in many ways for our boys to find out about the history of the the Aboriginal people. To create your own Aboriginal Dreamtime …

Aboriginal Symbol Stones

This is a great art idea for NAIDOC week which uses Aboriginal symbols to create rock art which tells a story.

Indigenous Rainbow Serpents                                                                                                                                                      More

Yarn-wrapped, cardboard snakes make a for a fun meditative activity for children that can then double as a prop in imaginary play games or classroom decor.

naidoc week activities

aboriginal flags collage - give kids different colours to create their own flag or copy the aboriginal flag

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