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Plastic PET bottles at the end of their shelf life usually face two options : They are either thrown away at the landfills (which is a threat to the environment) or they are recycled (better option than the landfill).But there is a third option (far better in my humble opinion) which is reuse. These containers can be reused in a lot of fun and creative ways and I am sure that www.instructables.com already has many instructables for that. One thing that you can make out of a plastic bottle is…

Here's a fun idea for the real do-it-yourselfer! Line a wall with cleaned pallets, add some simple accessories and let the collecting begin!

Pineapple Beer ~ Delicious South-African traditional drink, usually homemade ! #SouthAfricanRecipes #PineappleBeer #Drinks

Octoberfest German Style Fried Potatoes with bacon and onion. No need to wait for October to eat this! It's so simple and looks delicious!