Teaching in Paradise: Transformations!

Teaching in Paradise: Transformations! A slit to help with the slide/translation A split pin to help with turn/rotation Sticky tape to help with flip/reflection

Australian Money Task Cards More

Australian Money Task Cards Higher Order Thinking HOTS Grades 3 and 4

Australian Money Task Cards Higher Order Thinking - This resource is my best seller and contains 56 money task cards that require grade 3 and 4 students to use higher order thinking skills. Just print and go as all of the hard work is done by the cards!

PRINTABLE Australia Map with printable state/territory name cards, capital city name cards and state/territory flags

Australia Map Printable

Suzie's Home Education Ideas: Australia Map Printable, with capital city tags and flags.

Australian Curriculum - great resource

Discovering History Middle Primary Teacher Resource for Years Fantastic guide for teaching Australian Curriculum: History.

Angles - would be good with Velcro patches where they could make different angles repeatedly- Y3 - Australian Curriculum - Geometric Reasoning -ACMMG064 Identify angles as measures of turn & compare angle sizes in everyday.

Have Students make their own anchor charts for geometry to show angles with popsicle sticks. All sorts of anchor charts: Teaching Angles using popsicle sticks & more more

*Bump it Up Wall* Aligned with Australian Curriculum Writing Continuum Clusters - By the end of Stage Three students are expected to progress to the level 12 cluster on the K-10 Literacy Continuum. In order to track and encourage this growth in writing throughout Stage Two & Three, use this interactive 'Bump it Up Wall' display.

Bump it Up Wall* Aligned with Australian Writing Continuum Clusters 8-12 (3-6)

History Bundle: Changing technologiesA comprehensive history bundle on changing technologies. This History program specifically addresses the following Year 2 Australian curriculum outcome: The impact of changing technology on people's lives and how the technology of the past differs from what is used today.Includes a thorough PowerPoint on the olden days, covering electricity, communication and transport with visually appealing photographs.

HASS: History | Changing Technologies

History Bundle: Changing technologies A comprehensive history bundle on changing technologies.

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