101 Writing Prompts

120 Writing Prompts (with writing checklist)

120 Writing Prompts---for kids who can't think of journal ideas.Also great for Conversation starters for Kids with ASD

A useful cut-out and keep for writers – words that describe someone's voice via @Writers_Artists #amwriting

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Hmmm. An intriguing prompt.


What a fun writing prompt! "This morning I turned on the faucet to brush my teeth and you'll never guess what I saw..."

Meanwhile in an alternate dimension…

photo writing prompt: As I turned on the faucet gummy bears began to poured out.

writing prompt... good first day get to know you thing to do... great for upper grades.... decorate the English folder! @Christy Polek Polek Wopat and @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Turnbull -- perhaps the first day when starting our writing journal ideas

Over 469 people liked this! 100 things that I Love. Great idea for students to put in their (seed journal) Writer's Notebook and use to help them find ideas for writing.

Writing Prompt


two-sentence-horror-stories- could be a fun idea to have the kids write their own for Halloween.

WRITING PROMPT: Story Starter.

Writing Picture Prompt - STORY STARTER: When ___________ ignored the "Enter At Your Own Risk" sign on Mr. Sedgewick's property line, she had no idea what the consequences would be.

Writing Prompt: Creative Story

So many cooler ways you could take this prompt. What about the shadow that now is finally anchored?

"The All About Me Gazette" I like the idea of having the kids fill this out on Meet the Teacher night. That will give them something to do while their parents fill out stuff for me.

The All About Me Gazette for the first day of school. We do use this in grade. then at the end of the year the art teacher has them create a TIME magazine self portrait. Combine the two for a great foyer display to celebrate moving on to grade!