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string of pearls houseplant - adding this to my plant list!

'String of Pearls' : Senecio rowleyanus, a favorite succulent is called string of pearls because of its attractive cascading strings of spherical leaves. It does well indoors and is low maintenance.Succulent String_of_Pearls- goinghometoroost

Pencil Cactus, had a patient give me one, didn't know what it was called

Houseplants: the pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli) is actually a succulent rather than a cactus. Grow it in a sunny window but take care to avoid any contact with the white stem latex.

How to buy houseplants (once and for all) | A Cup of Jo

cup skim milk, 2 cup non fat frozen yogurt, and 4 oreos! It makes 4 servings! They are only 4 points on weight watchers! I love oreo shakes! house-and-home

openhouse-magazine-my-favourite-plant-monstera-deliciosa 2

We might just have to get one of these plants - Monstera deliciosa / Ceriman, Swiss Cheese Plant / Monstera / Mexican Breadfruit / Delicious Monster

string of pearls succulent in a wall pot (ikea asker container?)

String of Pearls plant is an unusual succulent that's easy to grow indoors with little attention. Put String of Pearls succulent plant in a hanging basket to show it off.

How To GROW Fresh Air: 13 Houseplants That Cleanse & Purify The Air

10 Air Purifying House Plants (As a side note, one of the plants NASA studied is an excellent humidifier. One six foot Areca Palm will put a quart of water into the air in a day)--love plants

overflowing wall of houseplants - love how boho and modern this feels

Add a little green in your life with an indoor kitchen garden. I LOVE this. I want shelves filled with yummy green things. Some colors as well. I love the white pots.