Kingoonya Windmill sunset

‘Kingoonya Windmill sunset’ Art Print by outbackjack

Pelican greetings

‘Pelican greetings’ by outbackjack

Endurance in the desert

‘Endurance in the desert’ by outbackjack

Sheep silhouette Sunrise

‘Sheep silhouette Sunrise’ by outbackjack

My Heart belongs to God alone

Eden Vally look out

Winter in the Barossa Valley

Winter in the Barossa Valley

Kangaroos at Brachina George

Kangaroos at Brachina George

Sheep of His Pasture

‘Sheep of His Pasture’ by outbackjack

We will be glad and rejoice

‘We will be glad and rejoice’ by outbackjack

Kangaroo or Euro?

‘Kangaroo or Euro?’ by outbackjack

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