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Bagrationi - Product Photography I like this shot because of the background. It contrasts well with the product.

Product Photography will come under Commercial Photography. In product photography, lighting is the key to making the image, and thereby the product, sell.

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shallow depth of field example: 2 factors that lead to the creation of shallow depth of field in this photo are, the natural overhead/back lighting, and the blurred background from taking the picture so up close to the leaf.

Unknown perfume but the photoshoot is amazing. I can even feel the smell of grass and mint. It should be very soft and fresh.

I'm thinking a lush green of some sort for Tuscan Villa - grape leaves? Maybe even green grapes. Just don't want it to look too much like Marrakech.

this is deep depth of field because the whole bridge and water is in focus nothing blurred a small aperture is usually used for this picture

This picture shows a deep depth of field. Two things to remember when trying to get a deep depth of field photo is one having a wide focal length. This will make the photo deeper and second is zooming out will make your depth of field wider as well.

Line: The lines used in this photograph create an unbelievable vantage point, and feeling that this bridge goes on forever and ever.

I like how this photo has so much too it even though it is just a bridge. The sky is really interesting with the rays of light coming through the clouds and how the bridge looks like it goes on forever