Steve Peacocke from Home and Away

Steve Peacocke in Celebrities Attend Heath Ledger Tribute

Home and Away's Steve Peacocke (aka Brax) to Take Break from Show - RSVP Magazine

Charlie and Brax  home and away

One of the first scenes between Steve & Esther (Brax and Charlie)

Sasha and spencer

Sasha and Spencer (Demi Harman and Andrew Morley)

Paul O'Brien as Jack Holden. 2005-2009

Paul O'Brien as Jack Holden.

Harvey and Roo's wedding

Roo and Al Stewart ~ poor Roo and Harvey. What even happened to Harvey out on the sea?

Bianca Scott

Bianca Scott recently just had a baby that passed away and is now going out with Heath braxton

Xavier Austin.

David Jones Roberts (as Xavier Austin)