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Too good to be true

10 cocktails with 150 calories or less. And yes this is on my healthy board! Part of being healthy is being happy ;) ♥ Meet new friends and singles in the Okanagan.


Nutella Cheesecake Chocolate Cookie Cups - a soft and chewy chocolate cookie cup filled with no bake Nutella cheesecake! ~ Life Love and Sugar

Pizza Roll Ups - Yum!

Pizza Roll Ups - These cheesy pizza roll-ups come together so quickly and easily without the fuss. Perfect for snacking or game day! Use pizza sauce as a side dip or brush a little in the middle of these mmmm delicious

Duh Boo ;)

It's like others just disappear. there is no other to be seen because u r astonished by the beauty both; internal and external, of the one u truly love. I know this to be true. I have always said it, it was easy to be faithful.

// Life

yes! the whole, you can't do that thing, sorry, but it doesn't work on me. i will go do it on purpose, just because you told me i can't .


Healing ~ Saying yes to happiness (and healing) means saying no to people and things that stress you out. Bring positive energy into your life.