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Simple Peaches and Banana recipe for your 6-12 month old or pass off as "icecream" to your toddler! Homemade in 10 minutes - #smartmomstuff

Green beans chicken and avocado baby food recipe Green beans + chicken + avocado: a very healthy trio for your baby starting from 6 months. Easy to digest, with delicate flavors and far away from allergic reactions issues. Green beans and avocado are in season, another good reason to try this recipe.

Homemade baby food: chicken puree for baby! Baby food made in the crockpot with carrots and cumin that coats the chicken when done cooking. So easy!

Finger painting is such a fun (and messy) activity for baby to be able to practice their fine motor skills while having fun exploring the feelings and textures of the paint on their bare skin. This recipe is great for babies and toddlers because it is completely made out of food! That’s

I talk a lot about the importance of the egg yolk as one of babies first foods, but was surprised when I didn't even have a recipe on how to make the perfect egg yolk for baby. So here it is. Easy. Simple. Perfectly hard and not too runny. When I was first starting to feed baby

Ohhhhh SNAP! This green puree is going to rock your baby's world! I am not even slightly kidding around here, asparagus puree is where it is at! It's spring and that means asparagus is popping up all around the market, so go ahead and grab a couple bunches and make this delicious puree for