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too true!!!

This happened to me, only my friend was the one who put on to much lotion.


This happened to me and my dad convinced me that I had slept through the night and it was the next morning. And then he offered me breakfast instead of the fast food dinner my mom had bought me. He was so cruel!

exactly but the potato part:)

hot potato Get it, get it guys. It's funny because there's a song about a hot potato. And we just got called a potato. And well .

Teenager Posts~ sometimes tho I'm just all like U DONT GET IT to my mom but still SOOO VERY TRUE.so true it's makes me sad 😢 I swear I'm gonna b like the most willing mom ever but reality I'm gonna b worse.

Teenager Posts when I have a sharpie in my hand I just want to write everywhere

One more episode, then I'll go to sleep.

One more episode, then I'll go to sleep. [Actually that's me right now.I'm watching Doctor Who. And every other TV show fandom of mine.

Omg yes all the time♥♥

My siblings always laugh at me when I try to tell funny stories because they never sound funny to them