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pinterest // .@kjvouge✨

zodiacmind: Find out what you lose when you cheat on the signs here

Yes we hate lies & cheating

Always smile at your enemies it pisses then off lol

Strong as a tree!

I just love this

@xoxojasmynee ✨

@xoxojasmynee ✨

Exactly!! Don't go there!!

Leo is not called the "Lion" for no reason. They protect their own, can hold their own. and will be respected.

So I've heard.

You simply just don't forget a Lady Leo. My babysitter who cared for me from infancy to age ) was a Leo, and to this day plus years later.) I still love her as much as I love my own mother!

Fun facts about your sign here

zodiacmind: “Fun facts about your sign here ”

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Always, don't even bother trying to think we won't. We will prove u wrong every single time. We are stubborn like that.

I once decided I kind of wanted a horse, bit my parents said no. I pestered them until I got not one, but three. I didn't even actually want them, I was just determined to get them because I was told no.