If someone in your school thinks playing games is "wasting" time….show them this graphic!

Why are games good for learning? Ever wondered what all the fuss is about around serious games? Take a look at this infographic for an overview of why games are good for learning.

LEARNING STORIES--this is an interesting idea. Te Whariki New Zealand early childhood curriculum

This shows how to create a learning story as a record of what an educator has seen a child or group of children do during an activity. Great to give to whanau as evidence of a child's learning.


Feelings in Te Reo. Maori Aotearoa / New Zealand native language

Early Childhood Education Theorists! Great for name dropping!

Early Childhood Education Theorists - what about Maria Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Rudolf Steiner, and the rest?

Schemas - fascinating, a real eye opener to understanding your child's patterns of behaviour. Once indentified great for tailoring activities and toys.

Schemas: help us to remember and organize details, speed up processing time, fill in gaps in our knowledge, and interpret and evaluate new information. Several types of schemas figure importantly in person perception iin forming impressions of others.

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