Homemade Coconut Milk Recipe from Dried Coconut - use your Thermomix

We are often asked at Tropical Traditions why we do not sell any packaged coconut milks. The answer is that we have never found a packaged coconut milk that

Hoisin Sauce | Official Thermomix Forum & Recipe Community

Hoisin Sauce - 3 cloves garlic 350 g soy sauce 200 g peanuts 2 tbsp macadamia oil (or other light oil) 150 g honey 50 g white vinegar 40 g sesame oil 10 g sweet chilli dipping sauce (from EDC) teaspoon ground black pepper

Fresh Rice Noodles - Cooking with a Thermomix - Tenina Holder

Tenina Holder is the best-selling author of For Food's Sake - Recipes for use with a Thermomix Hub & Spoke Publishing) Tenina takes you on a step-by-s.

Poached Egg with Hollandaise

Slow Poached Egg with Hollandaise in the Thermomix. You cook the eggs slowly in their shells over 40 mins.

Thermomix - Lemon Tart

Fast and easy Lemon Tart. Pastry really simple. The base is baked, and the filling sets in the cooled base. A dish that can be made ahead of time. Maybe next church morning tea.

Thermomix Multigrain Seed Bread

Louise Fulton Keats and Lucy Nunes show us how to make a delightful Multigrain Seed bread using the Thermomix. With the help of Lighthouse Bread & Pizza Flou.

CADA - an easy breakfast cereal

CADA - Plus G

(Great for beginning Thermomix users.) Do not underestimate the simple goodness of CADA: a popular four-ingredient breakfast recipe that is as delightful as it is easy. Sneak in a little bit of ginger to kick-start an extra good day!