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Why threaten me with 40 days and 12 nights? It's a turtle eating mashed potatoes. I'm reposting that anyways

funny gif picture/ prom dresses/ homecoming dresses/ party dresses /wedding dresses

Just skittles, water, and a piece of paper and you've got a beautiful work of art.

Not gonna risk it😂 We all know what happened last time someone ignored Madame Zeroni.

Well I was thinking of my OTP so I guess I'm forever alone. But the looking into each other's eyes made me think of the guy I had a crush on a couple of years ago. One time I caught him looking at me and smiling a bit. I've never seen anyone stare at me like that before and for that long. I tried to return the gaze but I couldn't hold it for long because it felt like his eyes were staring into my soul I kind of giggled, I felt like I was melting inside and I think he knew. Does that mean…

Not posting for bad relationship thing, I just think this is cool