Harry Potter
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Harry was very protective of Lily & he had a tendency to scare away her boyfriends by purposely acting like Mad Eye Moody Requested by anon

Teddy loved old antique things so when Harry asked him which broom he’d like for his birthday, he responded with the Nimbus 2000

Imagine that when they had to sleep on matrasses in the living room... Teddy, Vicky, Domenique, Louis, Lucy, Molly II, Roxanne, Fred II, Albus, Lily, James, Rose, Hugo and probably also the childeren of Neville and Luna (Lorcan and Lyssander)

The Mauraders: I feel this to be accurate because it's something I would do if I was in that situation.

Molly was the only one who could keep up with the boys when it came to skateboarding.