Quick, easy, healthy, and delicious. Steamed pork dumplings in your Thermomix.
I’m so excited about this recipe, as you’ve probably heard! I was cheeky enough to call it the ‘best butter chicken ever’ because my 16 year […]
Last night I got home late after a busy day and didn’t have dinner organised, so it was ‘Thermomix to the rescue’ once again! I […]
This is a very easy, quick and healthy way to make a big batch of fried rice. It easily feeds our family of six, with leftovers. […]
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Awesome guide to converting recipes for Thermomix TM5 or TM31. Super useful tips and tricks.
Thermomix Pumpkin and Spinach Risotto. Be still my carb loving heart. Pumpkin and spinach are my favourite combination of all time, and together in this Thermomix recipe for risotto, it's a no-brainer. Cheesy and delicious, this is a must have family meal this winter.
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There’s a pretty varied number of ideas, recipes and versions of yoghurt (yogurt in the US) available on t’internet, which can sometimes be really both intimidating and off-putting. I’ve tried a number, and have finally found one I  return to again and again. You can find this on the Thermomix Forums too, but read on […]

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Guide to converting recipes for Thermomix | Thermomix Baking Blogger
My Best Butter Chicken Recipe Ever (with Cauliflower Rice) Recipe on Yummly. @yummly #recipe
Recipe Real Traditional Vanilla Custard - Made EASY! by Mrs Mix - Recipe of category Desserts & sweets
Here is a list of frequently used Thermomix Reference Tips that I use often.  I have it printed out and stuck to the inside of my pantry door.  I find it quicker to refer to this rather then flick through the Every Day Cookbook (EDC) if I am not following any particular recipe. The other list I …
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Thermomix Recipes: Thermomix Fried Rice Recipe
Nothing like a lovely beef stroganoff...
Chicken Risotto Thermomix
Thermomix Tomato Paste1.5kg of very ripe, red tomatoes. (It might be less, depending on what will fit into the bowl!) 1 tablespoon of sugar I teaspoon of rock salt 1 tablespoon of olive oil 2 bay leaves