Pizza Muffins #15MinuteSuppers

Pizza Muffin

Sure to please the pickiest of eaters, this Pizza Muffin recipe is a quick & easy mom win! And they can be made to order with your favorite pizza toppings.

Stuffed Pizza Muffins

Stuffed Pizza Muffins- these are awesome! I use shredded mozzarella rather than chunks of string cheese. How in the hell would you neatly roll THOSE up? Also, we call them pizza rolls b/c pizza cupcakes sounds stupid and revolting.

Ham & Cheese Muffins: "Easy to make and delicious! Great for a quick snack, but would also be great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or tea — or elevensies, anyone? Yum!" -Desperada

50 Back To School Lunch Box Ideas And Recipes - Genius Kitchen

Ham and Cheese Muffins! 25 School Lunch Ideas: Skip the same ol' sandwiches and upgrade to these outside-the-lunch-box surprises. Your kids' faces will light up when they see that you've taken lunch to the next level.

Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze

It was bursting with delicious strawberries inside. Can you imagine a cinnamon roll with a strawberry glaze and strawberries inside when you take a bite?

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