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бледно-синий, голубой, зеленый, насыщенный синий, подбор пастельных тонов, подбор цвета для гостиной, полуночно-синий, синий, фиолетово-синий, цвет ягод голубики, цвет ягод черники, цветовое решение для декора, яркий синий.

Beautiful, unusual composition in cold colors. Shades of bilberry, light blue, transparent light blue create the feeling of freshness and pureness.

On the Creative Market Blog - 20 Inspiring Mood Boards to Design Your Own Logo

Branding inspiration moodboard for Olivia Bossert Photography - brand and logo design! love the look of this offering -bookmark for later use.

“The more we know, the more we realize there is to know.”  — Silvia Earle  Lately, I have been pondering a lot about the vast outer space, and the  depths of the ocean; whether through an eloquent talk by Physicist, Bryan  Cox, or an interview of Oceanographer, Silvia Earle. I had began drafting a  story on this very topic, and one night; as I resolved to continue the  task, a movie began playing on the nearby screen which I found quite  fitting.  It was Chasing Mavericks; which I had ...

Dark blue ocean ripples & sea foam - natural pattern & colour source for water-inspired design

Here - David Leonard, Kari Jobe + Leslie Jordan (Integrity Music) [ 2012 ] From the album “Where I Find You” by Kari Jobe 259 / 365 *Click h...

Here - David Leonard, Kari Jobe + Leslie Jordan (Integrity Music) [ 2012 ] From the album “Where I Find You” by Kari Jobe 259 / 365 *Click h.

Swedish Cabin, a short boat ride from Stockholm; the summer cabin of designer Carouschka Streijffert

I absolutely fell in love with this airy weekend cabin in Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden. The cabin acts as work loft and studio of Swedish architect and artist, Carouschka Streijffert.