Native Everlasting Daisy  Rhodanthe chlorocephala

Native Everlasting Daisy (Rhodanthe chlorocephala) Grows naturally in the south of Western Australia extending into South Australia.

Nature's Vision Blog. Wamberal coastal residence. Front garden plantings consist of Coastal Rosemary, Coastal and Swamp Banksia, Queensland Bottle Tree, Casuarina Cousin it, Xanthorrhea glauca, Poa Suggan Buggan, NZ flax, Corokia Silver Ghost and Carex grasses planted amongst aged railway stepped sleepers, basalt boulders and terrazo steppers.

Nice look for the side of the house, instead of rock maybe -- Carex grasses planted amongst aged

Lomandra seascape -          A soft looking plant, but very ,very tough,   75cm high x 50cm wide

lomandra "Tanika" native plant - To be planted in mass around front path and area of front garden near accaccias to constrast leaf shape,texture and differing shades of green, For Gillett Drive

he front area has been transformed into a dry rock landscape, creating ideal conditions for various water efficient Australian native plants.

The Canterbury inner city landscape has been designed to maximize compact space. Utilizing water efficient Australian native plants and a water runoff system that supports a vegetable garden.

Garden in Canterbury, Vic - Phillip Johnson Landscapes

Garden spills onto exposed ag. Garden in Canterbury, Vic - Phillip Johnson Landscapes

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