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Poor Luke...

Funny pictures about Poor Luke Skywalker. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Luke Skywalker. Also, Poor Luke Skywalker photos.


Ewan McGregor won the role as the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in George Lucas' prequels. During filming, Ewan took special care to ensure that his portrayal of the Jedi Master closely resembled the speech and mannerisms of the Alec Guinness version.

Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Meme - No One Can Kill A Jedi 😞 it is sad how true that turned out to be

“obi-wan: *exiles self to Tatooine forever* ” original post from

The Mother's Curse by Dawnchaser.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The Masters Curse

Lego modern combat desert unit!

looks kinda like Wall-E

For John & William (when he's older) LEGO Mini-Scale Star Wars: Preparing Death Star II attack!

279 B.C. Lego Battle of Asculum, Greek Pyrrhic Victory over Rome

In 279 B. near present-day Ascoli Satriano, in Apulia, Southern Italy, King Pyrrhus of Epirus met the Romans a second time at the battle of Asculum.

LEGO Minifigures - Royal Guard | Minifigures Series 5 | Collectable LEGO Minifigures | Firestartoys.com

LEGO - Minifigures Series 5 - ROYAL GUARD Every minifigure comes with accessories and display plate A must-have for LEGO® minifigure collectors Collect and trade with your friends!

Custom Lego Military Soldier Minifigure Model Soldiers Russian Soldier

Custom Lego Military Soldier Minifigure Model Soldiers Russian Soldier