The Matterhorn - Zermat Switzerland

Skiing from Cervinia Italy to Zermatt, Switzerland over the Matterhorn. One of the best experiences of my life.

Oukaimeden, Morocco

Oukaimeden: In Morocco, the ski's the limit

Brides Les Bains Ski Area, France

Brides Les Bains en neige - not really a ski area itself but not far from Courchevel and other really great ski destinations

Vail, Colorado, USA

After a ten hour flight and 24 sleepless hours, we arrived in Vail, Colorado to sunshine and lots of snow. Hello mountains, how we’ve missed you.

Tordrillo Mountains, Alaska, USA

Tordrillo Mountains, Alaska this is just what it's like

Mt Baker, Washington, USA. Home of the legendary banked slalom and road gap.

Mount Baker as seen from the Mount Baker Ski Area Mount Baker, Washington

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