I dont like carrying those dog carrier bags, So when I go places Luna fit perfectly in my purse. She just sits in there nice and comfortably. I just hope she doesnt some day decide to go potty in it, My purse wasnt cheap LOLOL.

westie in a bag - I want the tote and especially the girl pet

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Omg!  This is the Cutest Pup Ever! ~ <3

❤❤❤a girl should always own a string of pearls. I must put pearls on Blu.

I love the scruffy look :)

"JJ" ---- [*Miniature Schnauzer Puppy*]~[Photo by Paw Pixels Photography (Paw Pixels Pet Photography) - November 2

Frisbee get this look sometimes on a rainy day. bokeh dog w

they can be sweet! It's what they're thinking that gets me! westies: My parents raised this wonderful dogs when I was little. I can't help but remember my childhood when I see one of these cute terriers!

snow pants :) .... oh yea...my little dog   is one big snow ball too come winter ... too funny !

snow pants haha happens to my shih tzus every snow! It's so funny! my shihtzu too