Brecky creations

Healthy breckies made from fresh organic whole food ingredients. Generally wheat free dairy free.
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Quinoa porridge with pear and blackberries and topped with almonds and shaved coconut.
Amaranth porridge with passionfruit and blueberries and topped with pecans, shaved coconut, goji berries and cacao nibs.
Organic pear with home made museli #paleo #raw #vegan #wholefood
Blended fruit bowl (papaya, banana, almond milk, coconut yogurt, acai powder, maca powder, cacao powder). Topped with homemade museli, chopped banana and cacao nibs. Actually tastes a bit odd, but looks so pretty!!! Lol!!! #paleo #raw #vegan #wholefood #organic
This week - Emma's homemade acai bowl! Yummy! Made with frozen acai berries, banana, coconut water, frozen berries, cacao and maca powder. Topped with buckinis, sunflower seeds, pepitas, hemp seeds, almonds, goji berries, currants and shredded coconut.
Fresh organic fruit salad with grated ginger and fresh mint from the garden!
Homemade Acai Bowl
Fruit salad with homemade gluten free muesli
Mango chia pudding
Mango slushy

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Fresh fruit salad with nuts seeds and coconut and goji berries
Mango chia pudding
Chai apple pudding topped with coconut yogurt, goji berries and mint