『Yuri!!! on Ice -ユーリ!!! on ICE-』Yuuri Katsuki + Victor Nikiforov

「spinning on our feet, we're moving in a technicolor beat」
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Looking at the spin patterns you make on the ice and measuring distance jumped from take-off to landing :~) <<< I always tell my sister hers looks like a squashed bug

Omoide Yokocho Alley (aka "Piss Alley"). A small laneway lined with small yakitori bars. Shinjuku, Tokyo. 新宿 By Yoshiro ISHII.

Do you ever just feel like leaving your life for a while and traveling? I do. All the time. Too bad I'm a. too young and b. don't have enough money to buy half of a plane ticket. But hey, a girl can dream. This is Ivy with a post on my far-off but not…

Plié for Pizza! Considering the C&V penchant for photoshopping pizza into the hands of ballet dancers ( it was only inevitable that a C&a

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