retell - who sank the boat - beginning, middle, end

Easy and fun way to see if children can remember what happened at the beginning, middle and end of a story. Possibly use at the beginning of the year then move to children writing what happened rather then drawing it.

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Who sank the Boat? Maths and Literacy Pack. A Pamela Allen story made by the M&M's

Who Sank the Boat? Literacy & Numeracy Pack

Who sank the Boat? Maths and Literacy Pack. A Pamela Allen story made by the…

Books by Pamela Allen

"Brown bread and honey" by Pamela Allen - A delightfully told tale about a king who over indulges in all the rich food his cooks can provide. That is, until one day when he becomes ill.

Pamela Allen: Belinda NSW English Syllabus Suggested Texts ES1

Booktopia has Belinda, Picture Puffin Series by Pamela Allen. Buy a discounted Paperback of Belinda online from Australia's leading online bookstore.

Is Your Grandmother a Goanna? by Pamela Allen

Is Your Grandmother A Goanna?

Fishpond Australia, Is Your Grandmother a Goanna? by Pamela Allen. Buy Books online: Is Your Grandmother a Goanna?

Alexander's Outing - Pamela Allen, Great to use in Science to teach children about Sinking and floating-Create your own Alexander out of certain materials and test if he floats or sinks

Alexander's Outing - Pamela Allen Stay close, take care,' quacked Alexander's mother. But Alexander was a wayward duckling – he straggled behind . and disappeared down a deep dark hole .

Daisy All-Sorts by Pamela Allen I BALANCED

Daisy was an ordinary dog living an ordinary life with Stanley. Now she is an EXTRAORDINARY dog living an EXTRAORDINARY life – and all because of three lovely liquorice lollies .