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Raingardens are popping up all over the country. They look incredible and are a great way to save water and protect our environment from erosion and pollution. Find out everything you ever need to know about our water wise friend, the raingarden.

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What makes an Australian garden ‘Australian’? Leslie Simpson, garden designer, and I think we’ve cracked the code. Listen here to Design Elements, where we’re discussing Australian themed gardens.

Huge clumps of Agave americana, with its distinctive pointy leaves, combine well with the lime-green heads of Euphorbia and the bold pink flower spires of sprawling Echium, while Gazanias provide a pretty border in the foreground. South Australian water-wise garden

Low rainfall garden / Agave americana with its distinctive pointy leaves / the lime-green heads of Euphorbia / bold pink flower spires of sprawling Echium / Gazanias in foreground

native garden

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Illyarrie native Australian garden | Open Gardens Australia

Open Gardens Australia-Illyarrie Garden- ffeatures many western Australian species that thrive in sandy soil with banksias and grevilleas being predominant.

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