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Lovely tattoo with a sexy placement. Click on image for more sensational flower tattoos.

Roses are sexy flowers, but this thigh tattoo takes it to a next level. The rose is not only a beautiful flower, its also is so much more.

Heart break

You lied? I cried. You flirt? I hurt. You wanted? I needed. You forgot? I remembered. You promised? I kept it. You stopped? I started. You were done? I was trying. You love me? Stop lying.

dumped for another girl now ex wants me back how do I get over the insecurity of what they had together? - Google Search

He'll do it again. You tell him to go to hell and then remain no contact. He lives for the supply. Have self respect and tell him to get lost. You will never get over the cheating. Trust me. It's a cancer

Nor do I want to understand; you are not worth my time, ever!  Sociopaths act this way

I don't understand how you can do so many horrible things, yet still act like you're a decent human being. And you call yourself his friend? Mom's fed up with child being bullied by bullies.

... and save your fatty mcbutterpants crotch-shots for the pathetic scum that actually WANT to view them; & let me specify, for your slow, half-witted, skanky ass: that "scum" does not include my hub, hep-c-sweets... & most especially not ME. (Sweet work uniform & granny panties, btw.. good GAWD, you idiotic bitch - if you're gonna be a slut, at least try to be good at it.) You are disgusting in a serious way & on a whole new level. Get some professional help, for the love of - christ..?

This board was created for funny / spiritual / quotes/ sayings. Not directed at anybody. However, if the shoe fits.

Cheap gold digger Sherry #69 $3,500.00 that's all it cost... enough said.

Pretty much! Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: In order for me to be jealous of you, it would require that you have something I want. And I can assure you, I don't want anything you.