OH MY GOD ITS HEALTHY HAROLD!!!!!!!! I miss that giraffe

On education:

Yooooo Harold the Giraffe! He once asked how to spell unique and no one in my class could tell him so I put my hand up and literally read it directly from the wall like nobody else had noticed it?


24 Tumblr Posts That Totally Nail Australia

it's literally called swooping season it's some serious shit

it's literally called swooping season it's some serious shit<<<<if anyone is ever planning a trip to Australia, come in the winter because if you're from some place in Europe you'll still find it hot

Oh that is so painful most of the time in summer I pull my shirt up over my hand and it still burns

29 Of The Funniest Memes About Australia

"One does not simply eat an entire spoonful of Vegemite." I'm training myself to be able to so I can trick Americans. It's going to take months but I'm getting there

47 Times Australians Nailed It On Tumblr In 2015

>>>"These fucking flies" -another Ancient Australian proverb

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