Every Bed of Roses: ANZAC Day - an Ode to the Fallen and a list of ANZAC resources for you

Every Bed of Roses: ANZAC Day - an Ode to the Fallen - plus lots of links to extra ANZAC activities

This Australia Day cake is super easy to create, only takes ten minutes to decorate and uses a delicious store bought cake from Woolworths. When I think about iconic Australian sweets, you can’t go past lamingtons, Tim Tams and the Caramello Koala, so I have incorporated all of those into this cake. Here’s how to …

Australia Day cake- Lamington cake from Woolworths, 16 Tim Tams pkts) and Caramello Koala

Australian Flag Free Printable and information on what is contained on the flag and why from LessonsLearntJournal

Australian Flag: Free Printable

Australian Flag Free Printable @ LessonsLearntJournal: As we celebrate Australia Day each year, the Australian flag becomes a key feature of the scenery.

Happy Australia Day, here have some tornadoes.January in Australia. always so much weather.

Australia Day Cupcakes! #AustraliaDayOnboard

Celebrate all things Aussie this long weekend with these gorgeous

Love the flowers in the Vegemite jar! A great Australia Day table centrepiece idea

{Patriotic} Red, White & Blue Aussie Party