Helen Goltz - author

Helen Goltz - author

Australia / I am a writer, jogger and dog lover!
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Thanks BWS ... that wine bag made a great cleaning bag that I can carry from room to room! Doesn't make cleaning any more fun, but it's handy!

let yourself move to the next chapter in life when the time come, dont remain stuck on the same page, words, quotes

St. Elizabeths Hospital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I've kept this one below the radar a bit ... a dark little crime story.

Lexie and James - true love.

Sort of a 'Eat, Pray, Love' but I've taken this one off the market ... too personal!

The third and latest book in the Mitchell Parker crime series. Just out now!

Second Mitchell Parker series book. Go Mitch you good thing!

First book featuring sassy P.I. Jesse Clarke