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East House is a Green Renovation That Doesn't Need Heat or A/C in Australia

The East House is located in Byron Bay, Australia. It’s a modern beachside residence and it was designed by Built-Environment Practice.

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passive solar home using sunlight to get energy without active mechanical systems

Passive Solar windows are the highest quality, allowing for amazing light as the fullest enjoyment of great views. Concrete floors act as thermal mass to store the sun's energy and release it at night.

Floor Plan - Greenhouse homes - both living and bedroom areas north facing

Floor Plan - Greenhouse homes - both living and bedroom areas north facing

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Skillion roof side detailing, neat splash back window in kitchen.

The house is about being able to live inside and outside under one shelter…

Kitchen - floor to ceiling cupboards

Kitchen - floor to ceiling cupboards

DIY crate drawers, drawer pulls or rope handles.    I like it with the galvanized bins!

Wooden Wine Crate Storage - Turn wooden crates into unique kitchen storage by adding drawer pulls, which makes it easier to pull the crates out from the shelves. The crates and metal countertops work together for a vintage, industrial vibe.

Textile designer and artist Dana Barnes sure knows how to tie a knot. Her latest work, UNSPUN: Tangled and Fused experiments with unspun natural fibers and innovative felting processes. Barnes explores different ways of forming objects using various techniques: knotting, netting, twisting and looping of fibers to create large scale textile art pieces for interior spaces. Inspired by nature, her work references thick crop fields, grazed hills and meadows, gnarled and knobby aged oak trees…

Dana Barnes

This isn't your grandma's knitting project. Artist and Textile designer Dana Barnes creates art out of braided and knotted fabrics.