Deelish... the Wombat wannabe DJ who loves to spin discs… and is always up for a party with friends!

Carte Blanche - My Blue Nose Friends - Deelish the Wombat

Wombat  – Illustrations for Children by Anne Patzke

Cool, Fat, and Cuddly – Illustrations for Children by Anne Patzke

Children and parents can sing along to the tune of the popular song 'Frog Went A' Courting' as they follow wombat and turtle on their way to a dance deep in the Australian bush. Along the way, they make new friends with the magpie, the goanna, the kookaburra, the kangaroo, the crocodile - and soon a band of Aussie animals are dancing the night away.

Wombat Went a' Walking by Lachlan Creagh Join wombat and his Aussie animal friends as they jive, bop and twist their way to a party.