Celebrity Deaths: Famous People Who Bid Their Final Farewell in 2016

2016 has not only been a wonderful year jam-packed with success, but also a heartbreaking time filled with celebrity deaths.

D.L. Hughley Thinks America Elected Trump Because They’re ‘Tired of Being Told What to Think And Say’

Hughley Thinks America Elected Trump Because They're 'Tired of Being Told What to Think And Say'

Presidents Day 2017 Sales, Closings

Presidents Day 2017 Sales, Closings & Freebies on Washington's Birthday

Knee Pain Cannot Stop a Woman From Worshipping God Through Dance

In the story of Teresa, she narrated how she dedicated her journey of dancing to the Lord and how she was healed from knee pain.

Stage IV Cancer Patient Finds Hope in the Face of His Hopeless Situation

After hearing that he is diagnosed with a stage IV cancer in his pancreas, Mike’s world is slowly falling apart but he found hope along the way.

A Hindu Woman Shares Her ‘Spiritual Journey’ Toward Christianity

Consciously or subconsciously, the exploration of a Hindu woman towards the Christian religion has influenced her in countless ways.

Elsa the Kitten Finds A Home After Being Nearly Frozen

Elsa the kitten, named after the ice queen of Frozen, has finally found a home after recovering from the sub-zero weather in Denver.

2016 Best Board Games: Top 10 Games for You and Your Family

The board games category is a solid choice for leisure and holiday situation activities in It is good for the everyone when the festive season comes.

5 Realistic Relationship Goals To Consider in 2017

The end of December leads to a great opportunity for everyone to reflect on 2016 and set new relationship goals that are realistic, fun and healthy for 2017

7 Gift Ideas for the Someone You Find Difficult to Shop For

With only days left until Christmas Day rears its festal head, you might be looking for gift ideas to ease the panic feeling you feel.

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