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Galapagos Islands: Blue footed booby-mating dance.  They actually do this, very interesting to watch!

The Blue footed booby from the Galapagos - you have to love a bird that has such beautiful blue feet and shows them off in its courtship dance! They are an endangered species too :(

Laguna de Cuicocha, Cotacachi, Ecuador. One of my the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Laguna de Cuicocha, Cotacachi, Ecuador: This reserve protects a huge swath of the western Andes. The range of altitudes, from Volcán Cotacachi to the coastal lowland rainforests, means an abundance of biodiversity.

La Paz, Bolivia. Muy bonito. Tiene un aspecto rustic que me gusta.

The side streets with quaint hotels long to be remembered!

Before / After – NemO

Before / After – Le street art évolutif de NemO suivez-nous :