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36 Things That Will Make Riding In Your Car So Much Better

awesome 36 Things That Will Make Riding In Your Car So Much Better Muffy Hates A Dirty Car

how to make a survival bracelet

How to tie a survival bracelet - a step by step infographic tutorial to help you knot your way to one of the most useful DIY adventure accessories. - Tap the link to see the newly released survival and traveling gear for all types of travelers!

Sneaky Survival Snare Traps To Keep You Alive More

For Survival-based game: Sneaky Survival Snare Traps To Keep You Alive - Survival Life - Survival Life

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Emergency Kit http://fivegallonideas.com/emergency-kit/

Build a 5 Gallon Bucket Emergency Supply Kit or buy a pre-made one, to prepare for Floods, Tornadoes and Civil Unrest!

Uni Knot - Fishing Knot Encyclopedia

The uni knot is one of the strongest knots to attach a line straight a lure or even tying line to line. It is super easy to do and keeps your tackle together when the big one bites!

Definitely a Must Do Attempt . Has this been done?

Before I kick the bucket: Make a queen's guard laugh. Whilst I'm at London, might as well try.

It's not really a bucket list item but if I can do this in life I'll be on happy girl

a bucket list for girls>> look i'm girl an yes i want to make my parents proud. BUT i'm a sure guys also want to make their parents proud too.

A dream of mine but would need to research to ensure that wherever it happens is a safe environment for the turtles and not one of these places that are exploiting animals to make money

One of my biggest goals in life is to travel, see new things, meet new people. I'm always ready for an adventure. Not to say who wouldn't want to take a selfie with a sea turtle.