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I made it in Hume

Has Hume Libraries or learning centres inspired you to create something? Perhaps you cooked a tasty dish from a recipe book borrowed from our library, or maybe you attended a tech-help class and have since created a blog? Did your child craft something at one of our school holiday activities? Please email us at to showcase your creations here!
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A group of year 10 students from Hume Central Secondary College just helped us complete the jigsaw puzzle which has been on display in the library over the past few weeks - well done :)


2014 Youth Photography Competition: Finalists, Ages 12-14. 'Up the garden path', by Rory.


2014 Youth Photography Competition: Finalists, Ages 12-14. Runner up: 'Cousin playing soccer', by Aman.


A 3D bicycle created by Korfoi with our 3Doodler pens at a Digital Makers session on July 8, 2015. Come along any Monday or Wednesday afternoon (3:30-5pm) at Broadmeadows or between 1-4pm at Sunbury to try out our digital makerspace equipment for yourself!

Wendy has found an artistic use for old books after two workshops at the library this week.


What a lovely selection of gauze bowls made at Crafty Makers at Craigieburn Library! Register now for the next Craft Makers session at your library.

Liz, one of our lovely staff members, has appointed herself chief pattern-tester for some new craft books that have arrived at Hume Libraries. How cute are these!?! Click through to reserve a copy of 'Felt-O-Ween' for yourself and get your craft on!

'Two strangers, taken for dead, inside a silver box' - some book spine poetry for a dreary Wednesday morning!