Fold in thirds again (from the left and then right) and TA-DAH! You have just folded a fitted sheet into a perfect square! |
Find a flat surface to lay the fitted sheet on. Once the fitted sheet is sitting flat, fold into thirds. |
Whilst holding onto all 4 corners, with your spare hand straighten the two loose, hooped edges and stretch out. |
Continue to pinch and hold Corner 1, 2 and 3 together. Slide your hand down the remaining seam and find Corner 4. Take hold of Corner 4 and tuck it in, so all 4 corners are together. |
Continue to pinch and hold Corner 1 and 2 together. Then slide your other hand down the seam and find Corner 3. Take hold of Corner 3 and tuck it in with Corner 1 and Corner 2. |
Once you have your fingers holding both corners, fold Corner 1 over Corner 2 by ‘pinching and folding. |
Turn the fitted sheet inside out. Hold the fitted sheet lengthwise by placing your fingers in both corners. |
This is how to fold a fitted sheet. |
How to Fold A Fitted Sheet by Hunting for George. |

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