Coop's Shot Tower, Melbourne. Completed in 1888, with a dome built around it.

Coop's Shot Tower, an old building lovingly restored and covered inside Melbourne Central.

Inner city agora: Emporium Melbourne | ArchitectureAU

Emporium Melbourne is in some ways a model of classic retail planning, but in other ways it turns this model on its head.


Our newest shopping centre in Melbourne looks like something from a science fiction movie.

Emporium Melbourne

Emporium Melbourne - Picture of Emporium Melbourne, Melbourne - TripAdvisor

Royal Arcade is a heritage shopping arcade in the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria. Originally constructed in 1869.

Royal Arcade Is A Heritage Shopping Arcade In The Central Business District Of Melbourne, Victoria. Originally Constructed In

Myer Bourke Street Redevelopment / NH Architecture

Myer Bourke Street Redevelopment / NH Architecture

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