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Create Art With Me!: Three Recycled Art Projects in Progress

line design - I did this with my students, but I find it a relaxing activity to do, myself. The end result is so cool!

Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures

Giacometti Inspired Figure Sculptures using aluminum foil. What a fun art project for kids from The Imagination Tree!!

"Our most recent crafty Art project was to make a bowl out of folded magazine pages secured with white glue. This project introduced students to creative ways to re-use and recycle old magazines and create something 3-dimensional, functional and beautiful!"

Student work, Op Art boxes. Thank you for the idea Pinterest! It was a great 3D project.

gr 5Students looked at examples of quilled paper and I demonstrated how to create different shapes and curls. Students then created their own quilled snowflakes or upper-case letters (their choice). They used rotational symmetry when creating their snowflake.

from Splish Splash Splatter blog: excellent tutorial on creating Notan (and Positive/Negative Bug lesson plan)

Sharpies and solo cups - I feel a Chihuly lesson coming on!

Clay - visual rubric

The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art! Lesson Plan 1) crayon rubbing 2) watercolor leaf stencil 3) leaf print