Design Institute of Australia (DIA) - similar to AGDA, but more focussed on growing the collective design sensibility of Australia
Good Design Australia - Awards. Design and Art awards promote and challenge the growth of these industries in Australia
Australian Graphic Design Association - representation and protection for Australian graphic designers
Australian Design Alliance - a coalition of groups representing creative fields from communication design to architecture to visual arts working to have federal recognition for the role good design plays in creating resilient, innovative, fair and sustainable economies and countries.
Supergraph - huge art and design fair/conference/summit in Melbourne
Behance is another online talent pool, run by Adobe

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Printing Industries helps members identify opportunities to generate revenue; reduce the cost of doing business; manage their regulatory environment, and access appropriately skilled staff. Representation and leadership are crucial to sustaining the competitiveness, protection and development of the Australian printing industry.
The Design Institutes of Australia looks to represent Australia as a design nation while also supporting our designers nationally and internationally.
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The Australian Interactive Multimedia Association acts as an educational and networking service for designers interested in multimedia.
Illustrators Australia is an association for members, run by members. It is a place where illustrators all over Australia can put their work up and have it looked at and possibly commissioned by clients seeking their work.
As a gallery ACCA is primarily a space for artists and often overlooked by designers. But people forget that art and design go hand in hand and while it may not be an association solely dedicated to helping designers network ACCA runs regular events that bring people together in the hopes of expanding the Australian art and design community.
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agIdeas International Design Forum 2015 | Design Matters
Printnet | The online resource of the Printing Industries Association of Australia
Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference 2014
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Supergraph : Contemporary Graphic Art Fair 2015 Melbourne