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Melbourne to Adelaide driving route

5 things you need to know about the Melbourne to Adelaide drive

I used to joke to my girls that when their dad & I retired, we'd live in their pool house & be on available to babysit their children; this could be the pool house!  --   "You’ve Never Seen a‘Beach House Like This" - Traditional Home

This looks SO inviting right now! ~RBR This pool house features teak furniture from Indonesia for a faraway feel - Traditional Home® / Design: Jack Fhillips / Photo: Robert Brantley

pool [ my grandparents had a little guest house by the pool that they called the "cabana" & was my home for a couple of years after college. I'd like to live that way again. I think I'm supposed to be in the big house at my age but I'm not finding a lot of benefits to the big house, I think the cabana might be just about the right size. ]

I like THE POOLHOUSE With the bathroom in the closed off side. Just reverse the closed off bathroom side on the right of the cabana/poolhouse.