Bungalows in Vanuatu. Photo courtesy of whereswiwi on Instagram.

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The World’s Only Underwater Post Office #travel #Vanuatu >> I used to think that walking by the beach on my way to the post office was awesome, but this truly takes the cake...

Post a letter at the world’s only underwater Post Office in Vanuatu. Fly there from Brisbane Airport!

Blue lagoon, Vanuatu. We rented a car a found this incredible spot...

Cruising yachts travel on Espirito Santo in Vanuatu. Sailing and cruising on yachts in Vanuatu, and travel tips and notes for Espirito Santo. Photos of boats and boating in Vanuatu on Espirito Santo island.

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The top most amazing places in the world protected by #UNESCO.

TOP 10 Most Amazing UNESCO Protected Sites In The World

The Great Wall of China. To be here was a dream. I, going to China but not to the Great Wall

Amazing Snaps: Red Beach – Panjin, China

Red Beach - Panjin, China The Red Beachin the Liahoe River Delta, China. 30 km Sw of Panjin City, China. The red is from seaweed. It turns this color in Autumn Only a small section open to tourists.

Valley of the Blue Moon, China

The Blue Moon Valley, Lijiang China. Nature pools and waterfalls.

Beautiful China* free paper toys at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel, new memoir The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles, a mystic suffering financial ruination in Hong Kong and her miracles *

Top Five Reasons to Visit China

Travel Inspiration for China - Shanghai Zhouzhuang Water Town ~ China

Photography Atlas: Light in the Dark, Altay Mountains, Kazakhstan

Light in the Dark, Altay Mountains, Kazakhstan. The Altai Mountains (Altay…


West Coast starfish colony, Otago, New Zealand, photograph by Simon East.