Imaan Donya

Imaan Donya

Australia / I'm Muke af. You're Muke af. Everyone is Muke af. Even Muke is Muke af.
Imaan Donya
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If you dont smile, you have no heart. Just look at Franks face. Hes like a little boy posing for his school pictures. ITS SO CUTE.

MCR on yo gabba gabba~!Wallpaper and background photos of Yo gabba gabba Gerard way&Frank iero ~! for fans of My Chemical Romance images.

Frank Iero and Gerard Way being cute. Like always.

Frank Iero and Gerard Way<< They're just princesses inside. Other than Gerard because he's Queen.

The fact that Frank Iero has "Bookworm" tattooed onto his hands just makes me so happy.

You see someone with tattoos on their knuckles and its like. oh their such a thug. But then cute little Frank tattoos Bookworm on his knuckles, and it just gives me a whole new perspective on knuckle tats.

Andy Sixx/Biersack/Black

BVB - heart of fire ( új szám ) - Videók - Black Veil Brides magazin - Hotdog.