Joseph Vandenberg

Joseph Vandenberg

i am a turtoise
Joseph Vandenberg
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MLP gijinka (humanized)

MLP Gijinka Chibis by ~Aninion on deviantART little pony anime style

The Best Funny Pictures Of Today's Internet

Post-It War Between Two Office Buildings Ends With Epic Finale, dude this is awesome!

arkos rwby - Google Search

Team JNPR - Pyrrha and Jaune <------ Love this two, cute ship. (Note: Add a scene with their training possibly this scene, or something else.

cgq1zwn61t6z.jpg (1433×2048)

cgq1zwn61t6z.jpg (1433×2048)

A Carved Graphite Train on Tracks Emerges from Inside a Carpenter’s Pencil

A Carved Graphite Train on Railroad-Tracks Emerges from Inside a Carpenter’s Pencil "Tunnel" -- WOW, just when I thought I'd seen everything the internets have to offer.

Duermo donde quiero y como quiero !!! ... Okkkkkkk???????

25 Animals That Sleep Wherever They Please - seriously adorable sleeping babies.

Majestic Animal's

It's also an excellent example of what me and my friends would look like in the animal world.) these are the most majestic animals I've seen.