Criss cross/weave & herringbone, typical patterns found in a traditional Kedah Malay house. #malaysia

Lukisan Nusantara on Behance

During Malacca's growth in popularity, traders anywhere from Europe to China were selling and buying the imense varity of goods sold. The Culture of Trade is what allowed Malacca to be so successful. The Culture of Trade was the ability to communicate without speaking the same language or have the same ethnic or religious backgrounds. Even though Malacca was a Muslim city they embraced all religions and all who traded were made to feel at home.

(Continuation of last pin) What came with a large group of different ethnic religious groups came a variety of different goods. Malacca was the modern day Walmart, Target, or Meijer. It took away specifics of the roads like the Silk Road, Kings Highway, S.S Road, Amber Road and brought everything to one place.

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