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Oh my gosh cutest thing ever. I will tell you there is nothing I find more attractive than a big brother who's sweet with his little siblings.

If a boy said that then I would say- ' did she mention that if any one hurts her then they deal with me' I am a protective friend!

When you're introduced to someone and they're like, "I've heard so much about you!": _ Chuck - (gif) Ohh, fuck my life.

Funny and Relatable!

When the teacher uses your work as an example of good work. And I love psych so:)

Gordon Ramsay Angry | Gordon Ramsay Meme: Our Favorite Angry Chef Internet Creations (PHOTOS ...

Funny pictures about Gordon Ramsay's Omelette. Oh, and cool pics about Gordon Ramsay's Omelette. Also, Gordon Ramsay's Omelette photos.