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2: Convex Profile - has a receding forehead and chin -BEST HAIR STYLES : Bang

Receding forehead and chin. It calls for an arrangement of curls or bangs over the forehead. Keep the style close to the head at the nape an move hair forward in the chin area.

"in his eyes (the original)" |  jen's pics

This looks like a man I know who currently is no longer homeless."in his eyes (the original)"

Картинки по запросу characters mad max

Life can be brutal and hard here, and there is not the crutch of technology and cyberware to fall back on when accident happen

Alexander a vampire hunter born in London who joined The Renegades more for profit than personal gains

Western Male Vampire Hunter - No fandom or anything, I just want to see more vamps in the old west.

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Good news RPG fans! inXile entertainment launches a new Kickstarter campaign to fund The Bard's Tale IV.