Isabelle Paige

Isabelle Paige

Girl, Australia. Crafty! Recycled materials are great.
Isabelle Paige
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****** Nail art design, I actually love this so much!

would pick different colors (maroon and beige?), but loving the studded so cute!

***Spoonful*** Nail art design, so cute!

Nail Art Fun: Frost Nails -- easy style for daughter who keeps changing polish every few days

****** Nail art design, love it!

So cool! Put a drop of black nail polish in water and spray with rubbing alcohol for the turquoise stone effect. So cool! Put a drop of black nail polish…

***Unknown*** Light source!

Innovative lightbulb made from a coke bottle filled with water and bleach! Water and bleach in bottle of coke was fitted on the roof. It absorbs and reflects sunlight and is equal to a 55 watt lightbulb.

***Info Graphic Media*** Zombie Survival Guide, again.

Read these infographics quick before the power goes out! View Infographics About How To Survive The Apocalypse" and more funny posts on Dorkly

***Geek Alerts*** Improvised zombie weapons

RedBubble never ceases to amaze us with all the talented artists continuously putting up new designs like this work by robotrobotROBOT. Zombie fans will get a thrill out of the Improvised Zombie Weapons Poster & T-Shirts. As the de

***Flickr*** The 12 zombie survival rules!

12 Rules: How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse. This is why Waterfall Waterfall Baker is on my zombie team.